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What’s a snuffle mat and why does your dog need one?

What’s a snuffle mat and why does your dog need one?

A snuffle mat is like a puzzle or scent game, where you ‘hide-and-treat’ your dog, by planting their favourite treats and snacks amongst the mat’s layers of soft fabric.

Snoots of all shapes and sizes are put to work, both mentally and physically as they use their sense of smell and problem-solving skills to sniff and snuffle for their hidden rewards.

The process of snuffling for treats is hugely fulfilling for dogs, as 10 minutes spent sniffing is as stimulating as an hour’s walk. This is because it provides them with a sensory outlet, putting both their nose and brain to work.

Snuffle mats provide a number of great benefits for your dog:

1. Mental stimulation: This paw-some boredom-buster will keep your pup entertained and happy, so you can enjoy bark-free Zoom calls or feel at ease knowing your dog is occupied and having fun while you run errands.

2. Stress relief: If your pooch suffers from anxiety or is on restricted exercise while recovering from surgery or an injury, our mats assist with stress relief, directing their energy into an activity that calms them.

3. Training tool: Alternatively, if your furry family member requires some further obedience training, our snuffle mats are a great tool for teaching them self-control around food by issuing commands like ‘stay’, ‘leave it’ and ‘wait’.

Snuffle mats are durable dog toys that can be taken anywhere, anytime. You can roll them up and pack them in your bag for a weekend away; the mats can be used indoors during the cooler months so your pup gets nose-based workout when it’s too wet to venture outdoors for a walk; or you can set them up for your pooch to use outside as they’re machine washable.

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