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  • Spoil your pups with our snuffle mats!

    Check out our range of fun and quirky snuffle mats!

We’re on a mission to keep pups stimulated and entertained through playtime.


  • "This is the best Christmas gift for your beloved fur babies!! A snuffle mat, where you hide treats for them to snuffle. Stimulates play, curiosity and excitement - such a fun idea!"

    Libby Tulip aka @_t_u_l_i_p_s

  • "Five stars! A+++ snuffle mat, would snuffle again".

    @Evie Le Chi

  • "As a sufferer of separation anxiety and a high energy pup, I cannot recommend these snuffle mats enough! How gorgeous is the La Doggie Vita snuffle mat from Barkolino"

    Gigi aka @Travelling Iggy

  • "Snuffling the Stride of Pride snuffle mat was awesome. It is so soft and plush and takes heaps of treats too"

    @Bart the Italian G

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